Code of Conduct


Dangerous Goods Engineering is committed to its Directors and employees adhering to high standards of business conduct and complying with the law and best practice.

It is recognised that high ethical standards are valuable to companies and the business community at large and offer benefits by:

  • Enhancing the Company’s reputation for fair and responsible trading;
  • helping to maintain high standards of behaviour throughout the organisation;
  • giving all employees a clear idea of what the Company is setting out to do and how it will do it; and
  • helping to develop pride among staff and to give a focus to the organisation as a whole.

High ethical standards are enshrined in Dangerous Goods Engineering vision and operating style, which provide the foundation for this Code of Conduct (“Code”).

Accordingly, a number of guidelines have been developed setting out the Company’s Code of Conduct and establishing procedures for reporting and remedying any transgression from the standards contained in the Code.

This Code applies to all Dangerous Goods Engineering Directors and employees (including those engaged as a consultant or on a contract basis.


Breaches of the Code
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